Ray Kaunisto, a the Kalamazoo Wings hockey player, snuck in 7 ‘meows’ in an on-ice interview that has now gone viral.

‘Meow’-Filled Hockey Interview Goes Viral

Kaunisto was inspired by the comedy Super Troopers (2001), in which two characters challenge each other to the ‘Cat Game,’ in which the goal is to sneak in as many ‘meows’ into a conversation as possible – subbing the word for ‘now.’

Kaunisto said that he has seen Super Troopers at least ten times and that it was a spur of the moment decision. “I wish I was more prepared then I could have pulled out a few more lines,” he said.

The video continues to grow in popularity, and Super Troopers writer-director and star Jay Chandrasekhar has re-tweeted a link to the interview, as did star Paul Soter who describes himself on Twitter as “that guy who says Meow in Super Troopers.”

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