The Baltimore Ravens were the victors of Super Bowl XLVII, leading the San Francisco 49ers 34-31 at the final whistle Sunday night as Joe Flacco took home the honor of Most Valuable Player.

After a night that included Beyonce bringing the Super Dome down with former Destiny's Child members and a blackout that delayed the game for over 30 minutes, the Baltimore Ravens ended the game in an equally memorable fashion. After the blackout, there was a clear momentum switch with Colin Kaepernick leading the 49ers offense to 17 points in the third quarter. Although the Ravens met a new San Francisco team after the game delay, they were able to hang onto their lead, and secure the title of Super Bowl XLVII champs.

Kaepernick cut the lead down to two when he ran 15 yards for a touchdown with ten minutes left to go in the game. The 49ers attempted to take the lead down to two, but failed on the two-point conversion. It came down to a San Francisco fourth down on the Ravens 5-yard line with only a couple of minutes to go. Jimmy Smith covered Niners’ Michael Crabtree as Kaepernick threw to the right side of the end zone and caused Jim Harbaugh to argue for a holding call. Despite the animated coach's theatrics, possession was overturned to the Baltimore Ravens who played it safe keeping the ball on the ground.

With 11 seconds left on the clock and no downs left, the Baltimore Ravens took a safety to give punter Sam Koch more space and to take some more time off the clock. They punted from the 20-yard line with four seconds left on the clock. The 49ers were able to run it back to the 50-yard line before getting tackled, but there was no more time left. The incredible series the Baltimore Ravens' Flacco-led offense put together in the first half proved to be enough in the end. Flacco's MVP award was more than well-earned, as he helped Ray Lewis end his career with a new Super Bowl ring and John Harbaugh outdo his younger brother. — Chelsea Regan

Check out Beyonce's halftime performance below:

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