A federal magistrate in Miami, Florida ordered rapper Lontrell Williams, known as Pooh Shiesty, to be held without bond in a federal detention center as he awaits trial. According to an announcement made by the Department of Justice, Williams and two others have been charged for participating in the shooting of two men during an attempted marijuana and high-end sneakers street purchase.

According to a previous indictment, Williams and Bobby Brown, both 21-years-old and originally from Memphis, Tennessee, along with 20-year-old Jayden Darosa of Pembroke Pines, Florida went to a Bay Harbor Islands hotel in order to buy marijuana and a pair of sneakers from the sellers. During the transaction, the three defendants allegedly shot the two men with semiautomatic rifles before driving away with the shoes and marijuana. They had not paid for the items when they left the scene.

The shooting victims survived and recovered from their injuries.

Miami FBI and police were able to track Williams back to the scene of the crime based on his Instagram posts. Some of his social media images showed a Louis Vuitton bag filled with dollar bills, items that were left behind as the three defendants allegedly fled the hotel. Law enforcement was even able to match the serial numbers of one of the bills to one in an Instagram post made by Williams.

The indictment charged Williams, Brown and Darosa each with “one count of conspiring to possess firearms in furtherance of a crime of violence, conspiring to commit a Hobbs Act robbery, committing a Hobbs Act robbery and discharging a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence.”

Williams and Darosa first appeared before the court on June 29. Brown, on the other hand, was arrested in Tennessee on June 15 and has yet to make his initial appearance before the court in Miami.

At their separate hearings, both Williams and Darosa were ordered to be held without bond in a federal detention center as they await their trials.

Williams faces additional charges at the state level for allegedly shooting a security guard at the King of Diamonds strip club in May. Those charges will be prosecuted by the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office.

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