Rapper DaBaby has been released from jail on $1,500 bond after being arrested Thursday night.

Fresh off his Saturday Night Live appearance and a New Year’s Eve event in Miami, Jonathan Kirk, aka DaBaby, was arrested after punching his promoter in the face.

He appeared in court before Circuit Judge Mindy Glazer in regards to a warrant out of Texas and Circuit Judge Gerald Hubbert for the Miami charge. He was given no bond due to the warrant, and was ordered to stay away from Brickell’s Novatel Hotel and the promoter.

The charges from Texas have since been dropped.

The alteraction began after Kirk was allegedly short-changed on his fee. According to police, the agreed upon amount was $30,000 for the Broward nightclub performance, but after only receiving $20,000, Kirk became angry.

After attacking the promoter, the group returned to the hotel a short time after and Kirk was taken into custody.

The promoter said that he does plan to sue DaBaby and everyone else involved.

DaBaby is set to perform with DJ Khaled and others at the EA Sports Bowl on January 30 for an unofficial kickoff “Welcome to Miami Showcase” event ahead of the Super Bowl.

It is unclear if his arrest and potential return to Texas will affect his participation.



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