After the last Twitter showdown between Chrisean Rock and Blueface, Blueface continues to throw shade at his ex.

On March 14, Rock went on Twitter to post rain cloud emojis, showing she was feeling under the weather after Blueface suggested that her baby isn’t his child.


Meanwhile, Blueface continues to shade Rock.

He posted a tweet saying, “Everybody already know I fuck b—- regularly I met this dumb hoe cheating on my b— with 2 kids how stupid can a b—- be.”

“Chrisean been fighting boys an peoples mommas before she met me them fake tears… I knows this b—- fr [for real] she cry on command for every music video y’all don’t know baby D fr [for real] that’s you looking at me she know about all the new snacks before they come out,” he tweeted.

Blueface then shared a video of Rock dancing on a table. He then tweeted, “Is she pregnant or not or she drinking while pregnant I’m confused now.”

After returning from her trip, the on-and-off couple reunited for more drama.

On March 15, Blueface took to his Instagram story to show his laundry room, which had piles of clothes all over the floor. He claimed that Rock hadn’t done laundry in a month, didn’t wash her clothes, and didn’t even know how to wash them properly.

“Ima treat her like s— till she get it right if not she’s more then welcome to leave,” he tweeted.

He then posted another tweet saying, “Every time I meet a female I brief them do what I say in private or I will embarrass you in public they always think I’m playing then when I bleed I’m the bad guy idgaf I will be that till da bitch get it right.”

After being publicly humiliated on social media, Rock went on Instagram Live to share that she was finishing the laundry. As she folded clothes, she told her fans that she was on a work trip and didn’t have time to do her washing since she was out making money.

Blueface responded again on Twitter, “Idk about y’all but my b—- gone wash my draws.”

Rock replied saying, “Jesus will strike down n kill everything evil in my life.”

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