Randy Travis, alongside Charlie Daniels and Fred Foster, will be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame later this year.

Randy Travis Hall Of Fame

It was announced Tuesday that Travis would be in the Country Music Hall of Fame’s 2016 class, reported Billboard. Over the course of his career, Travis put out 16 No. 1 singles – including “One the Other Hand” and “I Told You So.” He’s also collected numerous Country Music Association awards, American Country Music awards and Grammy awards.

Back in 2013, Travis suffered a massive stroke from which he is continuing to recover. Still struggling with limited speech, Travis offered up a “thank you” before letting his wife Mary Davis-Travis take over for, as she described it, the “daunting task of being the voice of this man who so eloquently put words to melody to make beautiful music.”

Speaking of Travis’ life post-stroke, Davis-Travis revealed, “It’s the little things – the little word, the extra sound, the extra lap we make in rehab. It’s certainly put life in perspective as far as what we need to focus on,” adding, “[Music] has been a huge part of the rehabilitation process. Music comes easier to him, as far as singing songs.”

Davis-Travis went on to state that her husband, who is “honored beyond words” at the Hall of Fame recognition, has a hard time understanding the impact his music has made.

“I don’t think he understands how important he has been to country music. It’s that humility that’s in Randy that doesn’t allow him to think he made that big of a difference. When fans come over and talk to him and want his autograph, I say, ‘Honey, they love you so much.’ And he’s like, I don’t get it,'” she said. “Maybe now that he’s in the Hall of Fame, he’ll get it.”

Travis will be formally inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame alongside Daniels and Foster in a ceremony this coming fall.

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