Rachel Jeantel, the young woman on the other end of the phone in the moments leading up to Trayvon Martin’s death, testified on Wednesday at George Zimmerman's murder trial.

"A man was watching him," Jeantel said. "[Trayvon] told me he was going to try to lose him. Then I heard a hard-breathing many say, ‘What are you doing around here?’” Seconds later, Jeantel claimed to have heard a bump, and the 17-year-old boy shouting, “Get off. Get off.”

The line went dead shortly thereafter, according to Jeantel. "I had thought he was close by his daddy's house so someone would come help him," she said, explaining why she didn’t reach out to police at the time.

Jeantel, who is now 19, faced some tough questions about why she previously lied under oath about her age – she had said she was 17 when she had been in fact 18. She explained that she had claimed to be a minor because she didn’t want to be involved in the case. She also admitted to lying about going to Martin’s funeral. Jeantel justified her absence by saying that having been the last person to speak with him, she couldn’t stand to see his dead body.

Jeantel returned to the stand on Thursday morning to be cross-examined by defense attorney Don West.

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