Rachel Jeantel, the friend to the late Trayvon Martin who spoke to him moments before he was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, returned to the stand on Thursday to be cross-examined by defense attorney Don West.

Unlike her more emotional replies yesterday, Jeantel stuck to apathetic “yes, sir’ answers wherever possible. West, noticing the repetitive polite responses said in a whisper, asked Jeantel, “You feeling OK today? You seem different than yesterday.” She answered, “I got some sleep.”

The obviously more reserved Jeantel did have at least one colorful outburst during Thursday’s questioning. When West suggested that Martin was the aggressor, she retorted, “That’s retarded, Sir.” She also got noticeably piqued after West scoffed at her reasoning for not telling the Martin family lawyer Benjamin Crump she heard Martin say “get off, get off” before the line went dead. “Like I told you from the beginning, Crump was not law enforcement,” Jeantel said. “I said if they want me to talk to an officer I would tell the whole story. Crump is not an officer. You got it?”

Jeantell’s lawyer, Rod Vereen, said before she took the stand Thursday, “She really doesn’t want to be here.”

Court is currently on lunch break. When it resumes, Jeantel’s testimony will resume.

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