R. Kelly has canceled multiple shows in his upcoming After Party tour following allegations of running a sex cult.


Last month, Buzzfeed News reported that Kelly was controlling a manipulating women as part of sexual play, including deeming who they could and could not speak to, and what to wear each day. R. Kelly’s sexual issues have been a subject of public interest for a long time, and some odd behavior at a recent concert add to the drama.

Video footage of the concert hears him tell women to “wipe” his lips and tongue, as well as “grab” his crotch. Kelly responded to comments about his behavior: “I don’t want to offend nobody, but like I told them… I’m a grown ass man,” he said according to TMZ. “They hired R. Kelly, so I got to do the R. Kelly show. It just is what it is. It’s all entertainment y’all. Don’t get caught up in it… For those of you who don’t agree with my show… Y’all better leave right now, because it’s about to get freakier than a motherf–ker.”

Now, the singer has canceled 10 upcoming tour dates, after vowing last week that he would continue touring despite the controversy. Sources claim stops in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Dallas and Los Angeles were nixed due to poor ticket sales. This is no surprise, as his show Friday night in Virginia was barely half full, and his set lasted only 45 minutes.

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