Isaac Mizrahi and Shawn Killinger had a strange debate on whether or not the moon was a planet or a star during their segment on QVC.

“The Planet Moon”

Mizrahi was promoting his new designs for QVC on their segment Isaac Mizrahi Live when he and QVC presenter Killinger got started talking about the moon. When describing the color of a emerald cardigan designed by Mizrahi, Killinger said, “It almost looks like what the Earth looks like when you’re a bazillion miles away on the planet Moon.”

Killinger recognized her mistake, correcting herself, saying, “From the moon, looking back on the earth.”

Mizrahi repeated Killinger’s original statement of “the planet Moon” prompting Killinger to wonder, “Isn’t the moon a star?”

“No, the moon is a planet, darling,” Mizrahi replied with ease.

Skip to the 7:20 mark to witness the awkward exchange in the video below.

After some awkward back and forth and behind-the-scenes research, Killinger and Mizrahi were informed that the moon is simply a moon – or a “natural satellite.”

“But things live on it, that means it’s a planet,” Mizrahi insisted before dropping the topic completely.

The funny exchange quickly went viral, and Mizrahi made light of the bit on Twitter, writing simply, “The moon is Swiss Cheese.”

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