Former Nets basketball player Quinton Ross was thought to be dead on Monday after a false news report claimed that his body had been discovered in New York.

Former NBA Player Not Dead

“Body of ex-Nets player Quinton Ross found stuffed into a trash bag and buried in a shallow grave,” read a tweet by the New York Post, which had also written a story about the alleged discovery.

Not long after publishing the story and the tweet, the New York Post walked back their initial headline, acknowledging that the Quinton Ross found in the shallow grave was not the one who’d played professional basketball for the Nets, as well as the LA Clippers, Memphis Grizzlies and Washington Wizards.

Ross, 32, admitted that Monday proved to be a difficult day for his family and friends who’d seen the false news report, according to Sports Illustrated. Before he saw the news of his death, concerned and tearful loved ones had flooded his phone with message in the hopes that the Dallas-based athlete was alive and well.

Ross last played in the NBA with the Nets in 2011. Since then, he’s played abroad in France and in the D-League.

– Chelsea Regan

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