While Queen Elizabeth II wasn’t able to attend the Saturday night Platinum Jubilee concert due to mobility issues, concertgoers were treated to a pre-taped sketch showing the monarch having tea with one of Britain’s best-known animated residents, Paddington Bear.

Paddington, who is voiced by No Time To Die actor Ben Whishaw, quickly commits a palace courtesy faux-pas by drinking straight out of a tea kettle before offering her majesty any at all. He offers her a marmalade sandwich from his hat, saying, “I always keep one for emergencies,” with the Queen pulling her own marmalade sandwich out of her purse.

Paddington Bear also tells the Queen “thank you for everything” at the end of the sketch. This may not have been covered in the movies, but perhaps the Queen helped speed up Paddington’s immigration paperwork when he finally came to London.

As footage of the Jubilee concert is inserted in and the sketch transitions to a performance of “We Will Rock You” by Queen with Adam Lambert performing vocals, it cuts quickly back to the Queen and Paddington doing the iconic drum bit of the rock song by clinking their spoons on teacups.

We won’t be seeing The Queen on SNL anytime soon, but it’s amazing seeing the Royal display her sense of humor and show she’s still willing to go along with a funny idea. You can watch the sketch below.

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