Ahead of E! first scripted TV series, Royals, Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) stars in a promo detailing what life is really like for her and her family. It is an expletive-laden rant complaining about her son’s (William Moseley) promiscuity, her daughter’s (Alexandra Park) drunkenness and the incompetent staff that surrounds her. The series is a comedy-drama opera from Mark Schawhn, creator of One Tree Hill, the long running CW teen soap. The first season is comprised of ten episodes, and though the series does not air until March, many people in England feel that it is meant to mock the real English monarchy, which E! and the show’s staff have quickly refuted. 

“I think that people are wary. They want to know if an American has come in to mock the institution and a family, and that’s never been the intention. When they see the show, they will embrace it,” showrunner Mark Schawhn told The Hollywood Reporter.

Hurley, an Englishwoman herself, has also has come to the series’ defense. “No, there’s no mockery in the show, at all,” Hurley said. “It’s totally fictitious. Within a few minutes of watching it, no one could think we’re portraying Queen Elizabeth II or anything like that.”

The controversy surrounding the show has already helped Royals get noticed, adding more salacious and racy promos, and the Christmas video seen above is the ultimate example. Whether or not an English audience embraces the show, E! is expecting it to be a hit.

Royals premieres March 15 at 10 p.m. only on the E! network.

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