QAnon users are convinced that Donald Trump has purposely tested positive for coronavirus to arrest Hillary Clinton. The conspiracy theory parallels Twitter speculation that Trump is faking his diagnosis, but the QAnon theory part of a much larger chain of beliefs about the virus.

The base to all Qanon theories about the virus is that it is ultimately fake or otherwise invented. There are a few hypothesis as to why it was invented, but generally, the idea is that the virus was meant as a distraction so that celebrities could commit crimes and participate in illicit activities.

QAnon users who adhere to this line of thought might think with no evidence that COVID-19 is just a means of distracting the population from a secret and satanic international pedophile ring, or that it was made to help Bill Gates implant microchips in everyone via the “vaccine.”

According to the theories, Trump is one of the few that knows that the virus is fake, or one of the few that knew that hydroxychloroquine is the cure to COVID-19, so his announcement this morning was actually a power move.

Because according to their rhetoric nothing is a coincidence, QAnon users have continued to develop even more theories as evidence for the overarching “plan.” One such piece of evidence is Trump ending the tweet announcing his positive test results with the phrase “we’ll get through this together.” QAnon users took the phrase to mean “we’ll get through this to get her” – “her” being Hillary Clinton, an alleged member of the deep state.

Things only get weirder from here on out.

Because of his positive test, Trump will go into quarantine – which all continues to be part of the plan, since he apparently hinted at it three years ago.

In quarantine, Trump will be safe as he initiates “the Storm,” which is when Trump and his secret allies will rise up to take down the evils of the world, including whatever evil is behind COVID-19 (the aforementioned pedophile ring being the most popular theory).

The Storm will consist of mass arrests and executions, committed not only by the world leaders in on the conspiracy, but also by the QAnon users themselves.

All of this is part of Red October, the month that the Storm will happen, the Democratic Party will be finished off for good, and martial law will be imposed. One of the most popular pieces of evidence for the existence of Red October so far is the White House being lit up red to signal the start of the month.

Or, alternatively, the White House being lit up pink to signal the start of breast cancer awareness month.

No matter what actually happens during the month of October, the QAnon conspiracy theory will likely only grow. In a world where there are no coincidences, the world is full of subliminal messaging, and nobody can be trusted, it’s hard for the theorists to ever lack evidence or ever really be wrong.

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