The Q Acoustics Media 4 Soundbar offers an easy to use sound system. In doing so it does omit some of the finer points of competing products, but Q Acoustics’ sound bar is still a solid choice for those who want no fuss.


Composed of a sole speaker, the Media 4’s subwoofer is built into its sleek black body. Thus, while its build is fairly sizable — specifically, it’s 39.37 inches long, 5.59 inches wide and 3.54 inches tall — it doesn’t require additional facets beyond its internal components. However, it doesn’t quite pack the punch a dedicated subwoofer grants.

The Media 4’s aural output can be enjoyed whether you’re up close to it or situated far away thanks to its clever use of Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) technology. However, CNET’s overview mentions how while it suffices if you want clean audio, it fails to provide the grandiose experience of other sound bars, such as LG Electronics’ SH7B.

The Media 4 wholly supports Bluetooth, with streaming available via aptX lossless Bluetooth. Furthermore, the Media 4’s versatility extends to several other platforms. If you’d like to connect it to your video game console to improve the ambient noises of the game’s world, you can. You can connect it to your cable box or Blu-ray player to enhance the sounds in your favorite television programs and films. Plus, you can link it to “your smartphone, tablet, portable music player, computer or internet radio.”

The sparsity of the Media 4’s remote recalls that of the machine it controls; there are only five buttons on the remote: power, two volume keys, mute and input. As it’s rather small, CNET notes how it might be worth it for “power users” to utilize a universal or TV remote instead.

The Q Acoustics Media 4 Soundbar is $399.99, the same price as the Zvox SB500. The Media 4, while not the best-sounding device, does supply hassle free hardware bearing commendable audio.