Concerns that Russian President Vladimir Putin may use nuclear weapons are increasing. One Russian oligarch admitted that the leader’s “psychiatric health is bad” and that his nuclear threats are “very real.”

The billionaire, who has known the leader closely for many decades, has reportedly warned his colleagues about t behavior of the Russian president, stating that the “stories about him going bonkers are not a joke.”

Last week, investigative journalist Christo Grozev reported that even Putin’s top commanders ignore his orders to use nuclear missiles, as they believe he is gravely ill.

“I have no exact data about his health condition, but…people who are close to him, including oligarchs (believe he has cancer),” said Grozev.


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A trusted source has given further details on what other insiders close to Putin think of the situation.

“People who personally know (this oligarch close to Putin) and others (insiders) have told me that big business closely affiliated to power are sitting as quiet as mice,” they said. “Because the emperor’s madness is real, and the nuclear strike’s threat is very real, too.”

Many others who “strongly oppose the war” have kept quiet around Putin in fear of angering him even further.

Another Kremlin insider has claimed Putin is set to undergo an operation for cancer and will let his hardline spy chief Nikolai Patrushev take over for the time being.

Patrushev is a security officer and intelligence officer who has served as the secretary of the Security Council of Russia since 2008 and the man who convinced Putin to invade Ukraine.

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