Vladimir Putin sparked further speculation on social media over his health in another video where he showed odd movement in his legs.

However, spokesman for the CIA and MI6 have said that there is no evidence that Putin is suffering from Parkinson’s or cancer as the unfounded rumors have claimed.

The talk, which Putin gave on Monday in the Eastern province of Kamchatka at the Environmental Youth Forum, also included some interesting soundbites.

One clip, shared by The Sun, started with Putin saying, “I can’t say I am the most disciplined. It’s clear I’ve got to work on myself.”


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His legs do shift around and he seems slightly uncomfortable, but it is a stretch to suggest more than that.

He also likened having lots of discipline to having a “rubber butt” in a bit of an odd attempt at a joke, and also added, “It is a talent to be able to force oneself to work, and to be able to do it productively.”

As for the intelligence takeaway on the matter, CIA director William Burns called Putin “too healthy” at a Security Forum in Aspen and MI6 chief Richard Moore has said his agency didn’t have any evidence of Putin’s poor health either.

Putin also recently signed a decree increasing the size of the Russian Armed Forces by several hundred thousand soldiers. Both Kyiv and Moscow have been reluctant to post numbers of their casualties. It is estimated that Ukraine has lost around 9,000 soldiers while Russia could have had over 30,000 casualties.

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