Some people just watch the Super Bowl for the halftime show or commercials, but true enthusiasts know the real game comes earlier with the Puppy Bowl.

Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl celebrated its 19th year with an impressive 110 rescue puppies and kittens adopted.

On Super Bowl Sunday, Team Fluff beat Team Ruff in a historic first overtime for a final score of 87-83.

Right before going into overtime, there was another first in Puppy Bowl history – a double touchdown. The adorable Espresso and Kokobean both carried a toy as they crossed into the end zone, earning both teams seven points.

Some other impressive moments include Pickle the Pomeranian sprinting into the end zone at the beginning of the game and amazing defensive moves from Penelope and Espresso.

Several awards were given out, including Underdog Award, given to Moocow, and Most Valuable Puppy, given to Joey, a special pup born without his front legs.

This year’s Puppy Bowl was dedicated to one special pup, Mykonos. After the game, the sweet little bulldog passed from health issues at home with her new family.

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