Last year, 250,000 protestors were quite vocal showing how unwelcomed President Donald Trump was to the U.K. during his visit to the country. With Trump returning for another visit to London on Monday, the voices of these protests have grown even louder and will continue to follow Trump during his trip.


Trump and his wife Melania Trump will be spending the next two days in London, attending a ceremony at Buckingham Palace and meeting the Prime Minister Theresa May. The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has signed off on the use of “Baby Trump,” a giant blimp of the president as an orange-skinned baby to be used at the protests, just as it was last year. Khan and Trump have clashed repeatedly in the past. Khan even produced an anti-Trump video, which he shared on Twitter.

The UK’s Stop Trump website shows multiple events that will track Trump everywhere he goes. On Monday, protestors have events planned in Brixton, London, Cambridge, Manchester and many more cities.

On June 4 at 11 a.m., protestors will meet at Trafalgar Square to follow Trump all day in London. One of the Facebook Events hosted by ‘Muslimah Resist Trump,’ declares in its About section, “We will march as a MUSLIM block against the official state visit of Donald Trump and his family as well as the ongoing Islamophobia both his of both his and our own government.:

The UK Stop Trump Twitter page was used extensively to advertise London’s upcoming protests.

For his part, Trump has also shared a number of tweets responding to Khan.

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