An animal rights activist chained herself to the basket stanchion Saturday during Game 1 of the Timberwolves-Grizzlies playoff series in Memphis, Tenn.

The woman, wearing a T-shirt that read: “Glen Taylor Roasts Animals Alive” — appeared during a stoppage of play in the second quarter with yellow chains and attempted to secure herself to the stanchion after throwing flyers on the floor.

Security unchained the woman and five people carried her out of the main arena to the cheers of fans inside FedExForum.

According to a press release, Direct Action Everywhere, a grassroots animal rights network, claimed responsibility for Saturday’s protest. The release named Zoe Rosenberg as the woman who chained herself to the basket.

The release stated that the two protests were in response to an investigation into a “recent mass killing of 5.3 million chickens following an outbreak of ‘highly pathogenic avian influenza.’ “It occurred at Rembrandt Enterprises, an Iowa factory egg farm owned by Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor.

Taylor will transfer majority ownership of the Timberwolves to former baseball All-Star Alex Rodriguez and businessman Marc Lore in 2023.

According to a statement from the Grizzlies, the protester Saturday was related to the previous protest. Security tended her in the hallway within the arena and had the chain still loosely around her neck.

“She has been removed from her seat and will be removed from the building,” the Grizzlies’ statement read.

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