Prosecutors asked for an arrest warrant for 18-year old Kyle Rittenhouse on Wednesday after claiming he violated his bail agreement by not disclosing his current address.

Rittenhouse was not found at his listed address and was instead residing at his family safe house. Prosecutors claim he “violated the conditions of his bond by failing to update his address in writing with the Court within 48 hours of moving.” They are also seeking a bond increase of $200,000.

Rittenhouse’s legal team claimed he did not disclose his current location because he was receiving death threats.

Rittenhouse is facing two felony charges of homicide and a felony attempted homicide charge after the shooting deaths of Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum and the wounding of Gaige Grosskreutz. He was arrested for these incidents shortly after the Jacob Blake protests in Kenosha Wisconsin over the summer. His legal team claims he was acting in self defense.


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The week following his arrest, Rittenhouse was moved from him home state of Illinois to Wisconsin and his bail was set at $2 million. According to Kenosha County Commissioner Loren Keating, the court considered him a flight risk.

An internet campaign to raise money for his bail started up soon after his arrest. Rittenhouse was released on Nov. 20 after Lin Wood, Chairman and CEO of #fightback, paid his bail.

Rittenhouse attended a preliminary hearing remotely on Dec. 3 where the court determined he would stand trial. His attorney, Mark Richards, accused prosecutors of presenting “a one-sided, stilted view” of the events.

At an arraignment on Jan. 5, Rittenhouse pleaded not guilty to his three main charges. Hours after the arraignment, Rittenhouse was seen at a bar in Wisconsin with his mother. Prosecutors confirmed this through surveillance tapes. Prosecutors also claimed he flashed the ‘ok’ sign, which has recently been turned into a symbol for white supremacy groups.

Prosecutors asked that Rittenhouse not be allowed to consume alcohol, despite state laws saying underage people can with legal adults. They also asked that he be prohibited from “publicly displaying symbols and gestures that are associated with violent white supremacist groups and from associating with known members of those groups, particularly the Proud Boys.”

Richards said Rittenhouse agreed to the new bond terms and that he had never been affiliated with any white supremacy groups.

Rittenhouse is due in court on March 10, with jury selection set to begin March 29.

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