The Top 11 designers went "glamping" on Thursday’s Project Runway and competed in a high-fashion nature challenge, with guest-judge Allison Wiliams (Girls).

Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn gather the contestants and tell them that they are heading on an overnight camping trip – albeit, a bit more comfortable than the average camping excursion. On the glamping trip, contestants were encouraged to take advantage of rafting, zip-lining and other outdoor activities arranged for them. The fashion challenge: to create a high-fashion design inspired by nature.

While most contestants take advantage of the relaxing time together, some are more resistant to their nature vacation – Ken and Alexandria are far from pleased. Still, Ken warms up to the experience around sketching time, as does Alexandria, and the whole group returns to the competition seemingly pleased with the trip.

At the fabric store, Ken grabs earthy green wool, Karen goes for white, Bradon surprisingly picks up colorful chiffon and Justin announces his ambitious plans to create lace from a hot glue gun.

Jeremy decides to try a romantic take on the challenge, and gets to work creating a gown featuring excerpts from a love letter he wrote during the camping trip. Alexander takes inspiration from the tree bark and Bradon tries to evoke the moss in his embroidery. Miranda decides to adorn her frock with origami petals, while Alexandria works on a denim jacket and drop-crotch pant combination and Helen creates a sand-colored dress.

The contestants finish their designs and the runway show begins. Karen’s white gown, now with an ombré yellow die effect, confuses the judges – she paired the billowy dress with frayed cowboy boots and leather accents that make the dress hard to pin down, say the judges. Klum calls it flat out "trashy." Ken’s dress is also declared lacking by the judges, who felt his mini-green dress was just not innovative enough. And, finally, Justin’s unfocused gown lands him in the bottom three with Karen and Ken, though the judges applaud him for branching out and trying something new with the glue gun technique.

In the top three designs, Jeremy’s love letter was a hit with the judges – Heidi demanded he read it to them. Alexander gets glowing reviews from guest-judge Williams, and Alexandria’s unique look made her the challenge winner.

After deliberating between the bottom two looks – designed by Justin and Karen – the judges decided to send Justin home. His fellow contestants were devastated to see him go, and everyone became emotional at the thought of saying goodbye to Justin. Not willing to see him go just yet, Tim Gunn announced he was using his one save to keep Justin in the competition for another week.

No official eliminations this week, which means that the top 11 designers will be competing again in next week’s episode of Project Runway, airing Thursday at 9 P.M. on Lifetime.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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