Baby monitors used to be nothing more than fancy walkie-talkies. Then came video monitoring. Now, parents can continue to monitor the well-being of their children all while keeping their hands-free, thanks to Project Nursery’s Baby Monitor System, which comes with it’s own smartwatch-like mini video monitor.

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The monitor system, like most standard video systems, comes with a pan-and-tilt capable camera with decent 800×640 resolution, and a five inch base station with a monitor and control options. The system, like many newer monitoring systems, also offers two-way audio, effective over a reliable connection. The unique component of this system, however, is the included 1.5-inch wrist monitor, which also has the ability to control the camera and audio. Perfect for moving around the house uninhibited by a clunky base station, the wearable baby monitor has a range of 800 feet and lasts eight hours, meaning you can’t go very far. It’s also big and square, and quite obviously looks like a video monitor strapped to your arm.

The overall monitor system, which comes with motion alerts, lullaby playback, and the ability to record video, is a good choice for those looking for a more portable option that doesn’t need to connect to apps or WiFi.


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