Priyanka Chopra was injured on the set of Quantico on Thursday.

The actress has since been released from the hospital. However, she is taking some time off of the show.

A spokesperson for ABC said there was a minor accident on the New York set of the action drama on Thursday, so Chopra was rushed to a nearby hospital. She was examined by a doctor and is now at home resting comfortably.

“It would be premature to comment further until we have all the information. Priyanka was examined by a doctor, released and is home resting comfortably,” ABC added.

Chopra slipped and fell, hitting her head during a stunt, according to TMZ. The gossip site writes that the actress suffered a concussion.

An insider source said that production on Quantico will not be shut down, and the show is shooting today without Chopra. A representative for the actress said she will return to work after the weekend.

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