Priscilla Presley has revealed that in her six years of marriage to Elvis, he never once saw her without makeup on.

“He never wanted to see me getting dressed,” Presley said. “He wanted to see the result of getting dressed, and I still to this day believe that. Men don’t want to see what a woman has to go through to get where she is, they want to see the product, the result.”

Elizabeth Lombardo, author of Better than Perfect: 7 Strategies to Crush Your Inner Critic and Create a Life You Love, states that this is an unhealthy form of perfectionism.

“In my clinical practice,” Lombardo stated, “I find that a lot of successful people — those who the public might think ‘have it all’ — struggle with conditional self-worth. Being in the public eye and often scrutinized by the public can negatively impact their self-worth. There is a tendency to crave more and more external validation, such as people to compliment them.”

Lombardo goes on to say that a sense of mystery may keep things fresh, yet keeping a sense of novelty and being truthful is more important for a long-term relationship.

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