Princess Diana has been photoshopped into a photograph of Kate Middleton holding baby Princess Charlotte during her christening. The photoshopped pic that many call ‘creepy’ has gone viral on the web this week.

Princess Diana Photoshopped Into Princess Charlotte Christening Photo

Lori Eastwood created a photo, in which it appears as if Princess Di actually attended her granddaughters recent christening.

Eastwood chose a picture of Diana bowing to Mother Teresa two months before her death in 1997. With the use of Photoshop, she added Diana’s image onto a photo showing Charlotte in the arms of Middleton, as they entered St. Mary Magdalene Church.





The newly edited pic hit the web thanks to Mary Kohnke.

Kohnke decided to share the picture on Facebook. “What a great job at photoshopping…Let’s make this go viral!” she posted.

The photo manipulation has been shared over 250,000 times.

Many comments on Facebook described the blended images as “kinda creepy” and “morbid,” while others, said the pic looks “beautiful” and is “a lovely sentiment.”

“I think it’s a little strange,” Hoda Kotb said on NBC’s Today Thursday.

Co-host Kathie Lee Gifford believes the pic would have been better if Diana looked “more ethereal” or looked “a little more like she’s an angel and it’s a little visitation from heaven.”

Despite the missing presence of Princess Diana in Charlotte’s life, the two princesses do have a few connections.

Prince William and Middleton selected one of Diana’s favorite photographers, Mario Testino, to take Charlotte’s christening portraits.

After Charlotte was born, royal astrologer Debbie Frank told E! that as a Taurus, “Charlotte adds a little extra delight to the arts.”

“Perhaps we could see a People’s Princess once again like Diana was. She’s going to be one with a lot of charisma and a lot of personal magnetism,” Frank said.

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