Princess Diana had a fondness for music stars and found the late pop star George Michael particularly “gorgeous” according to Michael’s biographer, James Gavin. Michael was apparently alarmed by this and kept the princess politely “at a distance” as a result.

Gavin, the author of George Michael: A Life, said in a recent interview that Diana “was infatuated with popstars and got to know many of them.” While she was simply a fan of many stars such as Elton John, David Bowie, and Queen, Gavin claimed “there was no denying she developed a crush on” Michael.

The writer says he spoke with over 250 sources to compile several stories about Michael’s rise to fame and whole career. He said that Michael made sure to keep the friendship just to “occasional lunches and phone calls” because it made him “uncomfortable” when he found out that Diana had a genuine crush on him.

They apparently spoke affectionately about each other, and Gavin said Princess Diana was a “kindred spirit” to Michael, “someone like him who was a public figure and trapped in this gilded cage. And I think it was impossible not to be shy around her. She was the biggest star in England.”

Michael was secretly gay and was not out of the closet by the time of Diana’s 1997 death in a car crash that was being chased by the paparazzi. He was apparently “heartbroken” by the news, and Gavin said, “George knew what it was like to be relentlessly hounded by the press.”

George Michael: A Life is available now and was published through Abrams Books.

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