Everyone really is on Facebook these days. Queen Elizabeth II is the latest addition to the popular social networking site, proving that the internet is not to be stopped.

"The Queen had never ever heard of Facebook until The Social Network came out," an insider tells Popeater. "After discussing it with Prince William, she decided it would be a good thing for her to join." The Prince himself reportedly has his own Twitter account as well, though for now, the Queen is sticking to Facebook.

"The Queen is way more computer savvy than you would think," the insider revealed. "She has an e-mail address and often keeps in touch with members of her family online. She's very excited about joining Facebook and you can expect her to be very hands on. Although the one thing the young Prince couldn't convince his granny to try was Twitter. That she thought was a huge waste of time."

The Facebook page features the handle 'The British Monarchy,' with updates on news and uploaded pictures of the royal family. –AMY LEE

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