Prince Jackson, the eldest surviving child of Michael Jackson, is set to testify in the wrongful death case the Jackson family has filed against concert promoter AEG live on Wednesday, reported CBS News.

Prince, who was just 12 when his pop icon father died four years ago, is taking the stand just one day after the four-year anniversary of the tragic death. The Jackson family alleges in their suit that AEG Live bears some responsibility for Michael’s overdose on the surgical anesthetic Propofol. They further suggest that AEG Live was pushing the singer too hard in the rehearsals for the comeback concert series they were producing.

Aside from accounts from member’s of Michael’s family, there’s also been testimony from unrelated witnesses that claim he was pushed to the point of being unable to execute his dance moves or sing the lyrics properly. It was AEG hire Dr. Conrad Murray, who had been giving the late King of Pop the Propofol that eventually led to his death. Murray is currently serving a 4-year sentence behind bars for manslaughter.

Prince’s testimony on Wednesday will follow that of expert witness Dr. Gordon Matheson, who will make the case that Murray had a conflict of interest in his arrangement with AEG – AEG was giving him his paycheck, but Michael was the patient. Furthermore, Murray battled with drug and addiction problems himself.

Prince is listed as a plaintiff in the $40 billion lawsuit, alongside his siblings – Blanket Jackson and Paris Jackson – and grandmother Katherine Jackson.

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