Prince Jackson, son of the iconic pop star Micheal Jackson, lost control of his motorcycle on November 2 on the way to his classes. He was taken to the hospital and is currently recovering.


On Thursday morning, Jackson was riding his bike to his school, Loyola Marymount University. It was raining at the time, meaning the roads were slicker than they’d usually be. He lost control of his bike and, according to an updated story by TMZ, was struck by another vehicle.

Looking hurt, he was rushed by an ambulance to the nearest hospital. Jackson later took to his Instagram account to post an image of his feet inside the vehicle:

Well shit…

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In a statement to E! Online, Jackson’s representative said the 20-year-old endured “some injuries but is doing OK.” He continued, expressing his gratitude over people’s concern for the Jackson heir.

While Jackson suffered a gash on his leg and multiple lacerations, he didn’t have any broken bones, so doctors released him after examining him. Thankfully, the King of Pop’s eldest kid ultimately made it to his classes on time.

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