Prince Harry once again has spoken out about the British family in an interview ahead of his upcoming memoir Spare.

In a clip from the 60 Minutes interview, which will air Sunday, the Duke of Sussex elaborated on his and Duchess Meghan Markle’s decision to step away from their royal duties, as well as their decision to air their grievances with the royal family. Harry said he tried to address the issues in private before the couple went public.


“And every single time I tried to do it privately, there have been briefings and leakings and planting of stories against me and my wife,” he said. “The family motto is ‘never complain, never explain.’ But it’s just a motto.”

He continued that correspondents will be “spoon-fed information” from the royal family, prompting stories to circulate the media saying they “reached out to Buckingham palace for comment.”

“When we’re being told for the last six years we can’t put a statement out to protect you, when you do it for other members of the family, there becomes a point where silence is betrayal.”

In the same week, a trailer was released for an interview with ITV’s Tom Bradby, in which Harry can be heard, out of context, saying “it never needed to be this way.”

Other snippets show him saying, “I want a family… not an institution,” and “they have shown absolutely no willingness to reconcile” presumably referencing the royal family. The clip concludes with Harry saying, “I would like to get my father back. I would like to have my brother back.”

The interviews come before the release of his memoir later this month, which is anticipated to be the biggest tell-all yet of the royal rift.

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