Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been vacationing in Norway, multiple sources confirmed.

The royal couple chose Norway in an attempt to see the Northern Lights. Reportedly, a friend had told them they were “at their best right now.”

“The couple went to Norway together for a few days,” an E! News source said.

The two celebrated New Year together in London. From there, they traveled to Norway for a romantic getaway. They were welcomed to Norway by close friend Inge Solheim, whom they stayed with at a luxury property in the heart of Tromso. Besides the Northern Lights, they enjoyed whale watching, husky sledding and remote dinner dates.

There were rumors that Harry’s relationship with Markle was much more than a casual fling.

“Harry is more serious [about Meghan] than he ever has been about a woman before,” an insider revealed. “It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s already thinking about engagement just because that’s where his head goes but that’s not where the relationship is at right now.”

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