The British Royal family is currently in discussions about the use of the term “royal” in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s branding for their new charity. Sussex Royal. While the topic is still under review, the term is likely to not be part of the Duke and Duchess branding going forward.

Last month, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex shocked the world by declaring that they are stepping back from their royal duties within the British royal family and are “transitioning into a new working model.” Harry and Meghan have applied for the trademark “Sussex Royal,” which will cover clothing, education, campaigning, charitable fundraising and social care services.

Aide to the Queen, Thomas Woodstock Garter King of Arms, told reporters, “I don’t think it is satisfactory. You’re either are or you’re not.”

Prince Harry and Meghan already have agreed to stop using their royal titles as His and Her Royal Highness, avoid using state funding and returned the Sovereign Grant that was given to them for renovations of their official residence.

The couple has left for Canada with their son Archie after their royal exit announcement.

Under the arrangement with the Queen, Harry will remain a Prince and the couple will keep their title of Duke and Duchess of Sussex as they begin a new life splitting between the U.K. and North America where they will spend most of their time continuing planning for their non-profit organization.