Baby Sussex is here!

On Wednesday morning, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, otherwise known as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, gave the world a glimpse at their newborn son, the first interracial member of the royal family. The baby, whose name has not yet been revealed, is seventh in line for the throne, right behind his father.

“I have the two best guys in the world, so I’m really happy,” Markle said of her new son and husband.

Breaking with tradition, the couple chose not to have a public viewing of the baby on the steps of the hospital, as has previously been done by Harry’s parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and by Harry’s brother Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton. Instead, Harry and Meghan walked through St. George’s Hall in their Windsor home – the same room where they were married last May – and allowed a small number of reporters inside to meet the baby.

After the photo-op, Meghan and Harry were on their way to introduce the child to his great-grandmother, the Queen.

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