Prince Harry is working on a global sustainable travel initiative called Travalyst that is meant to bring companies and consumers together in an environmentally friendly way.

The initiative has been three years in the making and the duke has been making partnerships with a number of travel companies, such as, Visa and TripAdvisor. Through the initiative Prince Harry hopes to reduce our carbon footprint in the world. Much of our carbon footprint is made from emissions from planes and private jets.

Harry was recent criticized for flying private to dine with Elton John.

With pollution, deforestation and ocean garbage worsening, more people want to see travel companies provide more sustainable options. Over-tourism is also a significant problem and activists want to see money made from the travel industry go to the local communities being traveled to. Another goal of Prince Harry’s initiative is to preserve local environments and to help improve the welfare of local people.

Prince Harry has become the first member of the British royal family to create such an initiative that helps the environment as well as educates people about sustainable travel and over-tourism.

The ultimate goal of Travalyst is to make travel less damaging to the environment, and both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have shown their support for conservation groups worldwide.

In an Instagram post, the couple announced they would be taking their first official tour to Africa to help launch a special program for conservation and humanitarian efforts. In the post they tagged 20 organizations, including The Halo Trust, African Parks Network and African Wildlife Foundation, that are working toward the same goal.