Prince Harry visited London's Royal Hospital in Chelsea on Thursday. The infirmary, founded in 1682 for British war heroes, hosted its annual Founder’s Day, where a member of the British royal family appears and meets with the residents.

“I find it terrifying that your drill is so much better than my brothers',” said Harry, after the annual Chelsea Pensioner's parade, where 300 elderly vets marched and gave military salutes. “But it doesn't surprise me.”

While there, 85-year-old veteran William Titchmarsh asked, “When are you getting married?” prompting a surprised Harry, who has been dating Chelsy Davy on-and-off for the past four years, to respond, “Not for a long time. Who put you up to ask me that?” The quick-witted vet joked, “They'll shoot me in the morning!”

“The Army, for me and thousands like me, is a family.” Said Harry in a serious moment later in the day. “In that respect, for veterans coming here, it must be like coming home. That is why this place matters, and always will.”

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