Prince Harry, 27, may not be the most popular guy with the royal family right now, or possibly even his superiors in the British Army, but the bulk of the public in general seems to have no problem with the now infamous Las Vegas antics that brought Harry, the third in line to the throne, publicity the likes of which he had never seen.

PHOTO: Facebook

A Facebook group called "Support Prince Harry with a naked salute" has garnered over 24,000 members since British Army soldier and fellow countryman Jordan Wylie created it on August 24, one day after the photographs of Prince Harry naked in a Vegas hotel suite, cavorting with (at least) two young, similarly disrobed women, hit the Internet.

PHOTO: Facebook

Many of the photos are military-themed as an homage to Prince Harry's service, and possibly a subtle appeal to army officials to go easy on him, but who's to say if the pics will generate the intended result.

PHOTO: Facebook

Submissions of the photos come from men and women all across the world, accompanied by messages of support like "Here's to you Harry! Keep up the good work!" and "I salute you prince! And you are more than welcome to come party with me and my friends! hahaha."

We'll see how many such offers Prince Harry takes up after the royal family gets done with him.

PHOTO: Facebook

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