Prince Andrew is facing a lawsuit for an unpaid property bill of over $7 million.

The bill comes from a ski chalet in Switzerland, which he and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, have shares worth around $14 million. The estranged couple allegedly owed nearly half of their shares, according to reports from Le Temps, the local Swiss paper. 

Though the couple divorced in 1996, they have often been spotted in their property in Switzerland, skilling with their daughters. 

The Duke of York’s spokesperson made a statement following the report, saying that the case is a “dispute between the two parties.”

“The contractual details remain the subject of a confidentiality agreement and prevent further discussion,” the spokesperson said.

Prince Andrew stepped away from his royal duties in November, following the reports about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, a renowned financier who went to prison for sex trafficking a minor before his death last August.

Publlished reports have claimed that Epstein arranged for under-aged girls to meet with Prince Andrew in 2010.