Pretty Little Liars is heating up now that Ezra (Ian Harding, 26) knows that he has a son, and fans are wondering if his relationship with Aria (Lucy Hale, 23) will survive.

"It's huge, it's profound. It does make him reevaluate the other relationships in his life, like Aria, like living in Rosewood and this child is at a distance. It's huge for him," executive producer Oliver Goldstick previews according to E! News. "He has to make some decisions and figure things out and take a step back from his relationship with Aria."

Goldstick also reveals which character comes back into Aria’s life. "Wouldn't you know it, when [Ezra] steps back, Wes, his little brother, steps in, who is strangely comforting to Aria in a time when he shouldn't be," Goldstick teases. Wes is played by Gregg Sulkin, 20.

Other clues for the episode from the sneak peaks: Spencer (Troian Bellisario, 27) is still lying about Toby (Keegan Allen, 26), Paige (Lindsey Shaw, 23) has a reason for her solo night out, Alison’s casket is moving into a more secure resting place and A is using the postcards Emily (Shay Mitchell, 25) left in Alison’s casket against her.

The next episode of Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesday night at 8 PM EST on ABC Family. Catch a sneak peek of the episode below:

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