Spencer and Emily chased down a lead on Bethany and Mrs. DiLaurentis and Ali invited herself over to Hanna’s house so she could gain some credibility in Pretty Little Liars’ “Scream for Me.”

Detective Tanner Questions Ali

Detective Tanner (Roma Maffia) clearly doubts the story Ali (Sasha Pieterse) fed the police about her abduction, and Ali knows it. Tanner pulls her out of choir for a quick chat about Shana, asking her if she ever contacted her during her time away. Ali tries to gain control of the situation by pressing Tanner about who killed her mother, but Tanner clearly isn’t satisfied. Regardless, she leaves and Ali goes to inform Aria (Lucy Hale), Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Hanna (Ashley Benson) about her interrogation. Aria blames Hanna for spilling her guts at the café, and the group thinks that 'A' must have tipped Tanner off about them being in New York. Hanna’s sorry, but also increasingly out of it, and Spencer and Emily grow concerned when an empty beer can falls out of her locker in the middle of the hallway.

With Tanner asking questions about Shana and her death, Aria is especially on edge and even more pissed at Hanna for slipping up about New York while she was drunk. She goes outside to call Ezra to warn him that Tanner might contact him about Shana and runs into her mother, Ella (Holly Marie Combs), who is stopping by Rosewood High to drop off some invitations to her engagement party. Ella asks Aria to be her maid of honor, and Aria happily accepts, but she is a bit distracted – what with Tanner’s investigation and her volunteer/detective hours at Radley.

Bethany And Mrs. DiLaurentis

After school during her time at Radley, Aria finds out that Eddie Lamb has left the mental hospital and is able to get some one-on-one time with Big Rhonda (Ambrit Millhouse), Bethany’s old roommate, who trades her soda and chips for information on Bethany.

Rhonda tells Aria that some “rich lady” used to bring Bethany gifts and take her out on weekends, specifically they would go to a nearby stable, where Mrs. D even adopted a horse named Custard for her. Aria relays this new information to Spencer and Emily who track down the stable and go up there to investigate. There, they meet Declan, the sole employee who is neither helpful, nor a very good businessman. However, he does let something slip about “the bucket incident.” The last time Mrs. D and Bethany were at the stables, Mrs. D insisted to Bethany that she call her “Aunt Jesse,” and Bethany freaked out and threw a bucket at her.

After Declan leaves, Spencer insists that she and Emily stick around to investigate the grounds, and she finds Melissa’s riding cap sitting in the stables. Before they can process what this might mean, the two girls find themselves stuck in a stall with an increasingly riled up horse. They are able to break free, but Spencer ends up with a nasty black eye.

At home, Toby (Keegan Allen) tells Spencer that he has enrolled in the Police Academy. He wants to help keep everyone safe, to be someone at the Rosewood PD that they can trust. At first, Spencer laughs in his face, but after her experience at the stables and her new suspicions about Melissa’s involvement in Bethany’s death, she embraces the idea.

Emily approaches Sydney (Chloe Bridges) at school to try to figure out what exactly Hanna told her when she was drunk, but Sydney brushes it off and says she doesn’t even remember Hanna mentioning anything about New York. What Sydney does reveal to Emily is that the swim team has voted to add her on as team captain. Emily is hesitant to accept, so Sydney shows up at her house later with a custom-made sweatshirt to try to get her to change her mind. While there, Sydney mentions her mother’s frozen yogurt business and tells Emily that she must have seen some of her stores when she was in New York. Sydney tries to cover her slip, but Emily is definitely suspicious.

Zack Hits On Hanna

As for Hanna, things are going from bad to worse. Ali asks if she could stay at her house for a few days, and Hanna tries to brush her off, so Ali goes straight to Ashley and appeals to her maternal instincts. Not wanting to be in the same house as Ali, Hanna walks out before dinner and goes to drink with Caleb (Tyler Blackburn). Before she and Caleb can go to his cabin, Hanna needs food to go with her alcohol so she stops by the café and asks Ella's fiancé Zack (Steve Talley) for a tuna melt. At the café, Zack busts her for drinking, but says he won’t tell anyone – he’s always had a thing for bad girls. Zack cozies up to Hanna and puts his hand on her back, making Hanna very uncomfortable. She wants to bring it up to Aria, but Spencer and Emily doubt her story, pointing out that she was tipsy at the time.

The next night, Zack spots Hanna eating alone in her car and gets in the front seat. He doesn’t stay long, but makes sure to leave Hanna with his phone number and tells her to call him. It’s definitely creepy enough to send Hanna straight to Aria’s. Aria, who is busy making paper flowers for her mother’s engagement party, dismisses Hanna’s claims. If Hanna wants to get drunk and mess up her life, that’s fine, but Aria wants nothing to do with it.

Hanna’s night gets worse when she comes home to find that Ali asked Noel Kahn to break into her home, manipulating Ashley into calling the police and adding some credibility to her kidnapping story.

The episode ended with A breaking into Spencer’s room, picking up Melissa’s riding helmet and then opening up a secret hiding spot under one of the floorboards.

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