Pretty Little Liars’ Aria told Ezra the truth about Shana while Emily, Hanna and Spencer tried to determine who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis in “Surfing the Aftershock.”

After finding Mrs. DiLaurentis’ (Andrea Parker) body buried in the backyard, Ali (Sasha Pieterse) has shut down, so the girls help her get ready for her mother’s funeral. While at the DiLaurentis house, they all notice that tensions are high between Jason (Drew Van Acker) and his father, and Emily (Shay Mitchell) is further convinced that Jason is the one who ‘killed’ Ali and maybe killed his own mother. Spencer (Troian Bellisario), however, disagrees. She doesn’t think Jason, her half brother, is at fault. Besides, she tells Emily, she is more concerned with Ali’s loose ends. Noel Kahn (Brant Daugherty), Mona (Janel Parrish) and Ezra (Ian Harding) all know that Ali wasn’t kidnapped like she told the police, and they also know that they were all in New York the night Ali came home. Mona is perfectly content holding the trip over them as a threat and Noel is a loose cannon; the only person they can ask not to object to Ali’s story is Ezra. All eyes turn to Aria, but she refuses to go speak to him. She’s happy he’s alive, but they are over and she doesn’t want to be the one to see him.

Mona, of course, makes this impossible when she approaches Aria in the hallway with a ‘Get Well’ card for Mr. Fitz. She alludes to their New York adventures and insists that Aria sign the card before all the prime spots are taken. Lucky for Aria, Hanna (Ashley Benson) steps in before things escalate and grabs the card. She signs it while making polite conversation, has Aria sign it and then sends Mona on her way.

In another hallway, Emily has an awkward run-in with her ex, Paige (Lindsey Shaw) and then meets a new girl, Sydney Driscoll (Chloe Bridges). Sydney is a swimmer, new to the team, and she approaches Emily for her guidance in the pool. Later, while Emily is helping Sydney in the locker rooms, Paige arrives again and attempts to flirt with Emily, who walks out. Later that night, Emily ends things with Paige for good.

Jason DiLaurentis Is Innocent

That night at the Hastings’ house, Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) warns Spencer to stay away from Ali and the entire DiLaurentis family. She doesn’t care that Jason is technically their brother, but other than seeming indifference to their blood relation, she doesn’t give Spencer much reason for why she needs to stay away. When Spencer asks her why she lied about seeing Toby (Keegan Allen) in London, Melissa says that she just didn’t want to drag Wren back into their drama. Spencer goes to her father (Nolan North) and asks him to stop Melissa from pointing the police in Jason’s direction for his mother’s murder, but her father, Peter, doesn’t want to hear it.

Meanwhile, Hanna takes Ali to the funeral home to pick up the guestbook from her mother’s funeral and is mistaken for Ali. Ali quips about how the two blonde haired, blue-eyed girls used to be easier to tell apart, clearly alluding to Hanna’s past identity as ‘Hefty Hanna.’ This triggers a series of flashbacks throughout the episode, in which Mona approaches Hanna after Ali’s disappearance, encourages her to lose weight and gives her a makeover.

Emily and Hanna go to Philadelphia to inspect the building they saw Jason enter the night before they found Mrs. D’s body in an effort to find out what he’s hiding there. Turns out, Jason stayed locked up in that apartment getting sober when he told everyone he was in rehab. He didn’t attack Ali the night of her disappearance, and he didn’t kill his mother. Convinced of his innocence, Emily and Hanna drive home and Hanna reveals that she doesn’t know who she is – she’s never known. Later, when Hanna confronts Mona in the coffee shop and asks her why she was so intent on making Hanna a carbon copy of Alison after Ali disappeared, going so far as to tell Hanna to dye her hair in Ali’s exact shade. Mona dismisses her, saying that no one remembers the girl Hanna was, and she should be thankful.

Jason Warns Spencer Not To Trust Their Father

Spencer is conducting her own investigation regarding Jason, but she decides to go straight to the source. She shows Jason the e-mail they found written by Mrs. DiLaurentis just before she died – “I can’t protect you anymore” – but Jason doesn’t seem to know whom the message was meant for. He does, however, help Spencer figure out why Mrs. D never sent the e-mail. She probably felt that it was something better said in person and was either killed before she ever got the chance or was killed after delivering her message. Jason warns Spencer to be careful, “Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?” he asks. “Get out while you still can,” Jason cautions before reminding Spencer that she can’t trust their father.

Later that evening, Spencer confronts her father about the e-mail Mrs. D was writing right before she died. When Melissa comes in and suggests that they tell Spencer the truth, Peter refuses, telling Spencer that he won’t tell her the truth because she can’t lie about something she doesn’t know. All of this is making Spencer think that her family adamantly believes that she killed the girl in Ali’s grave, and she worries that maybe her father killed Mrs. DiLaurentis to protect her.


Despite her protests, Aria decided to pay Ezra a visit at his apartment. Ezra is slowly recovering after his gunshot and subsequent surgery; he has a nurse who comes to check in on him every day and he needs to walk with a cane. Aria tells him about Ali’s story, and how they all have to keep up the charade for now. Ezra agrees and cautions Aria about Shana (Aeriél Miranda). She’s still out there, he says, and she needs to be careful. Aria tells him she will and leaves.

The next day, Ezra gets another visitor: Alison, who comes knocking after reading his manuscript about her. She knows Ezra has more information regarding her disappearance than what’s in the book, and she wants to know what it is. Ezra politely informs her that, if he did have more information, he’d only give it up to help Aria. As Ali leaves, he asks her to tell Aria that she came to visit him. If he’s going to get a second shot with Aria, he wants to be completely honest.

After hearing about Ali’s visit, Aria goes to see Ezra and comes clean about killing Shana. She tells him that it was self-defense and an accident, but even she isn’t convinced. Ezra offers his help with whatever Aria needs.

The episode ended with Hanna getting her hair dyed. She’s finally going to choose her own shade for once – she doesn’t want to let Mona or Ali dictate her looks anymore. Behind a foggy glass door in the salon, Mona watches on and meets with an unknown woman.

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