Hanna investigated Lesli Stone as a possible ‘A’ candidate, and things got steamy between Emily and Sara in Pretty Little Liars’ “No Stone Unturned.”

Pretty Little Liars 6×06 Recap

Hanna (Ashley Benson) is convinced that Lesli (Elizabeth McLaughlin) is A, and she makes it her mission to prove it, even going so far as to drag Spencer (Troian Bellisario) to Philly to stalk Lesli, who happens to be a T.A. for the science department, and break into her car. On her way to Philly, Hanna continues to evade her mother and Caleb (Tyler Blackburn – she’s shutting Caleb out because she thinks he thinks she’s weak. In Philly, while going through Lesli’s car with Spencer, Hanna opens up about her distance from Caleb, and Spencer encourages her not to shut him out. Before Spencer can follow through on her threat to call Caleb herself, they discover a box full of fake glasses (turns out, Lesli wears hers as a fashion choice) and four massive animal cages – one each for Spencer, Hanna, Aria (Lucy Hale) and Emily (Shay Mitchel). (Super creepy!)

With Hanna pulling away, Caleb is feeling lost, but luckily Hanna’s mom, Ashley (Laura Leighton), is there to save the day. Ashley and Caleb have grown closer since Hanna’s abduction – Ashley even made Caleb a key to the house. She runs into Caleb at the Brew and finds him looking at a self-help book, supposedly to help him understand Hanna. He’s trying not to push, he tells Ashley, but it’s hard to feel like the Hanna he loves is still there. Ashley encourages him to stop treating Hanna so carefully and try to just go back to normal, be tough on her. So, later when she tries to brush him off again, he decides to kiss her instead. (Haleb is still on track, thankfully, and both Blackburn and Benson were given room to give great performances. Dare I say Haleb is the best PLL couple?)

Mona Rules Out Lesli Stone As A

After a quick make out with Caleb, Hanna heads to Lesli’s science lab with Spencer and Aria. Looking around the animal testing lab, the girls realize that they had been tagged, like animals, by A. All the girls have tracking chips in their necks, and are currently without any idea of how to get rid of them. Hanna is furious; so furious, in fact, that she decides that Lesli shouldn’t be allowed to keep anything in cages anymore and she tries to set all the animals free. Of course, the plan backfires and the girls end up almost getting caught by campus police.

Luckily, or freakishly, they are saved by Mona (Janel Parrish), who insists Lesli is innocent. Lesli hated Bethany Young, she tells them, and didn’t even know Charles. The only time she heard his name was on the night Bethany Young escaped from Radley. He apparently went missing from the institution that very same night. Hanna is skeptical, after all the girls just found paperwork seemingly proving Charles died long before Bethany went missing. Mona takes one look at the paperwork and declares it a false lead planted by Charles himself. “Look at the drugs he was taking, no one would want his liver. He’s not an eligible donor,” she tells Spencer. When Spencer brings up the photo Aria’s friend took of A, Mona dismisses that too, saying that if Clark got A in a photo it’s because A wanted it that way.

Emily And Sara Hook Up

Meanwhile, Emily is not as enthusiastic when it comes to chasing down A leads. She is more preoccupied with helping Sara (Dre Davis) adjust to life after kidnapping, which includes working for Caleb’s new web design company. (How Caleb intends to teach Sara how to code is beyond me.) Emily is definitely developing a crush on the faux Alison, which is unfortunate given how dull Sara is. She wants to save Sara, and, when she gets the opportunity to spend the summer in Thailand on a volunteer trip with her old friends from Haiti, she decides to bring Sara along. Emily’s old friend from Haiti stops by Rosewood with only one goal: to get Emily to agree to go on this service trip. She convinces Emily to go and even tells her she can bring a friend along.

When Emily comes home to tell Sara the news, she finds Sara scrubbing blood out of the carpet, a few cuts on her arm and forehead. After working with Caleb, Sara fell off her bike on the way home and thinks that someone in a black SUV purposefully ran into her. She identifies Lesli’s car as the one that knocked her down and breaks down into tears in Emily’s room. Emily realizes she can’t go to Thailand and leave Sara behind, and when Sara tells her she won’t be able to leave the country, Emily calls off the trip.

Later that night, after Hanna tells her about the chips in their necks, Emily goes home to find Sara asleep in her bed. She cuddles up to her, trying to inspect Sara’s neck for the same tracking device, and wakes Sara up. Before she can explain, Sara reaches up and kisses Emily.

Aria and Spencer had a bit less luck in the romance department this week, with Aria realizing she wants to keep Ezra (Ian Harding) close – he makes her feel safe – just when he seems to be hitting it off with Emily’s friend from Haiti, and Spencer getting hit on by “Drug-free Dean” (Nathaniel Buzolic). After Spencer misses a NA meeting with Dean, he freaks out on her and confronts her outside her house. He was worried she could be dead somewhere, and after seeing she’s okay, he knows he can’t see her again. He knows she has a boyfriend, and he doesn’t care – he wants to kiss her. For a moment, it seems like Spencer almost kisses him, but she backs away and Dean leaves. Later, she attends an NA meeting alone.

Meanwhile, Aria stumbles on a creepy present from A at the junkyard with Clark (Titus Makin Jr.: an Aria doll with a large spear jammed through its eye. Aria grabs it and takes it home with her. Ezra spots it later when he stops by her house to drop off her photo competition application (she left it at the Brew, apparently), but Aria lies and says she made it for her photography. Ezra somehow does not press her on this very obvious lie, but instead lets slip that he “used” to have her self-portrait hanging above his desk at the Brew. After going to the lab with Spencer and Hanna, Aria realizes she wants to tell Ezra the truth (I think) because she feels safe with him and wants to be close again. When she goes by the Brew after their run in with Mona, she discovers Ezra sitting in the dark laughing with Emily’s friend, and leaves before he sees her. (And my Ezria-shipping heart breaks just a little bit more.)

Mr. DiLaurentis Gets A Card From Charles

Finally, Mr. DiLaurentis is acting shady after he finds a birthday card on his windshield. When he finds it at the beginning of the episode, he immediately accosts Emily, who happened to be riding by, to ask her if she saw who put the letter there. She didn’t, and Mr. D leaves her abruptly. It’s not until the end of the episode that we find out what the card really said: “Dear Daddy, Coming home for my birthday. You should plan a party. To die for. Just you. Love, Charles.”

At night, Mr. D sneaks out to call a list of doctors – perhaps ones who worked at Radley with Charles – but can’t seem to find out what happened to his son. He sneaks out to Charles’ grave and buries the card where Charles’ body is supposed to be.

Final thoughts:

So, Charles is definitely A, right? He better be, because I am so tired of being jerked around by PLL. And, while I don’t know who Charles is, my money is currently on Wren. (The internet is a very convincing place, people!)

As little patience I have for the Charles as A reveal, I have even less for Sara. She doesn’t feel real to me, and I don’t trust her at all. I don’t buy this weird thing she has with her mother, and I certainly don’t believe her story about her bike accident. The fact that Emily is so open with Sara makes me think less of her character, and I love Emily!

Pretty Little Liars is just three weeks away from revealing the big A – who better be Charles, otherwise I will never trust anything ever again. Catch new episodes Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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