Pretty Little Liars delved deeper into Detective Wilden's murder last night with the new episode, 'Under the Gun' (4.06).

After being arrested while trying to bury her father's gun, Hanna (Ashley Benson) is stuck at the police station being interrogated by Lieutenant Tanner. Hanna knows she needs to keep her mouth shut, and she sits quietly while Tanner tries to intimidate her with jail time for illegal posession of a fire arm (or worse, murder). Hanna's parents, Ashley (Laura Leighton) and Tom (Roark Critchlow) bail her out of prison and whisk her away from the police station. For the rest of the episode, Hanna is under house arrest – no phone, no internet, no contact with her boyfriend.

Everyone in the Marin household is angry and confused. After Tom accuses Hanna of stealing his gun, Hanna comes clean (well, almost) and tells her parents that she found the gun in her mother's closet and was just trying to protect her. Hanna is on the brink of telling them that she believes 'A' is trying to set Ashley up for Detective Wilden's death, but 'A' stops her, threatening to arrange it so both her parents end up in jail if she talks. For her part, Ashley swears she never brought the gun back into the house: she tells Tom that she stole the gun after Wilden tried to blackmail her and she couldn't pay up, but that when she confronted the detective with it, he quickly grabed it from her and she ran away. Whether Tom believes her or not is another story, but Hanna sure does.

Meanwhile, at school, Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) decide to put their spat behind them and focus on helping Hanna. Alas, the peace was not for long. Enter Mona (Janel Parrish), who decides to tell Emily, Aria (Lucy Hale), and Spencer that she knows Toby (Keegan Allen) gave her 'A' RV to the new 'A'/Red Coat – something Spencer and her boyfriend had failed to mention. And just like that, Aria and emily's trust in Spencer was broken. Later, Spencer tries to convince Toby that they need to tell Aria and Emily why he gave the RV back to 'A', but he insists that they can't. Toby is afraid that, once the girls know, 'A' will never tell him how his mother really died.

Desperate to prove her loyalty to her friends, Spencer embarks on a mission to find out who it was that Ali (Sasha Pieterse) was calling all summer before she died. Spencer traces the creepy, secret sorority room to creepy housemother legend, Mrs. Grenwald, and traces Mrs. Grenwald to 'creepyville' Ravenswood. (Ravenswood, of course, will be the setting for the Pretty Little Liars spin-off, accurately titled Ravenswood.)

Toby and Spencer go exploring the town, but don't find much. Ravenswood appears to be stuck in the 60s, and the entire town has a greyish tint, as if it were all taking place in an old photograph (or on Instagram). They find a Mrs. Grenwald, but she insists she has never spoken to Alison. Needless to say, Spencer isn't convinced, but she leaves her alone anyways after she spots Shana (Aeriél Miranda) walking around in Ravenswood and then jump into gal-pal Jenna (Tammin Sursok)'s car! Toby and Spencer get in their car to chase after them, but stop when a bird dives straight into their windshield (yikes!) and falls dead to the ground. Scarry. (In other Shana news, the not-to-be-trusted swimmer has transfered to Rosewood High to take Emily's spot on the swimteam.)

As for Aria, she's still stuck in her weird family/boy problems. After offering to help her brother's lacrosse friend, Connor (Michael Grant) with his English essay, Aria's life quickly disolves into a Lifetime original movie. After she pushes Connor awya when he tries to kiss her goodnight, he spreads rumors that they hooked up, enraging Aria's brother Mike (Cody Christian). Mike later apologizes to Aria for believing Connor, and vows to protect her from now on – a suspicious statement given the fact that, mere hours later, a mysterious, hooded figure smashes Connor's car with a baseball bat. But, I'm getting a head of myself. Before Mike apologizes, Aria bursts into the boys' locker room to confront Connor and set him straight. It backfires, big time. Connor calls her a slut and brings up her not-so-secret relationship with Mr. Fitz (Ian Harding).

Speak of the devil, Ezra followed Aria into the locker room, but Aria brushes past him, leaving him alone in an awkward staring contest with Connor. Later that day, the rumors Aria's promiscuity have spread, and she's getting anonymous texts calling her a slut (bullying alert!). Ezra tries to comfort her, but she doesn't want his help and storms off. Seems like an Ezria reunion isn't going to happen anytime soon, though the episode did end with Ezra watching Aria longingly through the coffee shop window while she talked to Emily.

Things take some serious turns for the worst towards the end of the episode. The police arrest Ashley after finding Hanan's dad's gun a positive match for the murder weapon that killed Detective Wilden AND finding Ashley's fingerprints on the bullets! But, Ashley wasn't the only one in trouble with the Rosewood PD. Emily was hauled in for questioning after her attempt to clear Hanna's name was thwarted by 'A'. EArlier in the episode, Emily convinced Ashley to give her the dashboard camera footage of Ashley running her car into Wilden, made a copy, and left it on Lieutenant Tanner's desk, hoping it would expand the suspect pool to include Jenna and Shana (who are also featured in the video). Unfortunately, 'A' got to the video before Tanner did, and replaced it with a DVD of Red Coat standing in front of the Rosewood town population sign, wearing a creepy Emily mask (we all knew letting that creepy mask-maker make a mold of her face was a bad idea), holding a sign that reads 'GUILTY.'

Finally, the episode ended with A getting behind the wheel of a stolen car (presumably belonging to one of the liars), wearing an Emily mask…

Pretty Little Liars returns next week at 8 P.M. on ABC Family with new episode, 'Crash and Burn, Girl!'

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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