The Liars found Mrs. DiLaurentis’ body and Mona went back to her wicked ‘A’ ways in Pretty Little Liars’ “Whirly Girl.”

Ali Lies To The Police

Ali (Sasha Pieterse), Emily (Shay Mitchell), Aria (Lucy Hale), Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Hanna (Ashley Benson) return to Rosewood after their disastrous run in with Shana (Aeriél Miranda) in New York with a plan: Ali will tell the police everything, including the fact that her mother buried her alive by mistake and that she has been running from whoever tied to kill her ever since. Once the police know about the ‘A’ that’s been tormenting all the girls for years, the girls will explain how Shana attacked them and Aria killed her in self defense. No more lies and no more hiding from the police – they all believe that Shana took over being A when Mona (Janel Parrish) stopped and that this whole mess is over.

Determined, the girls walk into the police station to meet with Detective Holbrook (Sean Faris), but once he starts asking questions, Ali panics and lies. She tells him that she was kidnapped by a mysterious man and kept prisoner for two years. She finally managed to escape and reached out to her friends, who agreed to keep her existence a secret while she hid from the man who had taken her. If it weren’t for her friends, she says, she’d be dead. Holbrook does not seem to be buying the story and he takes them all to a conference room for questioning, where Ali just spins more lies. Before Holbrook can ask for too many details, the girls are whisked away by Ali’s father (Jim Abele), though Ali’s mother (Andrea Parker) is mysteriously missing.

When Spencer returns home, her mother, Veronica (Lesley Fera), is waiting for her. She is furious at her daughter for lying to the police about Ali being alive – they have photographic proof that she met with Ali two months ago. She also informs Spencer that Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) has returned after meeting with Toby (Keegan Allen) in London. Over at Hanna’s house, Ashley (Laura Leighton) tries to be supportive, but Hanna just wants everyone to forget about it and accept that the nightmare is over. Meanwhile, at Aria’s, Mike (Cody Christian) wants to talk rumors with Aria, but she’s too consumed with her new identity as an accidental killer. Already, the girls are having trouble keeping Ali’s story straight: she told the police that the girls had found her in Philadelphia, but Aria let slip that she saw Fitz (Ian Harding) in the hospital in New York. She covered nicely, but Ali’s story is getting shakier by the minute.


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Did Jason DiLaurentis Try To Kill Ali?

Emily’s mom isn’t back in Rosewood yet, so she stays with Spencer and the two of them see Jason DiLaurentis (Drew Van Acker) cleaning out the backseat of his car and tossing things in a trash bin in the middle of the night. They go to check it out, and, as they’re in the driveway, Ali opens a window and throws out her cell phone to show her friends a test. “The truth will bury you in a New York minute,” reads the text. Ali doesn’t know who sent it, and the text isn’t signed. Somebody knew that they were in New York that night, meaning someone knows that Aria killed Shana. Emily, Spencer and Hanna think that the text is why Ali lied to the cops. She must have received the text, freaked out and changed her story in an attempt to cover for Aria – at least, that’s what Ali lets them believe.

The next day, all the girls are forbidden from leaving their homes, as local press has taken over Rosewood. Mr. DiLaurentis got the police to set up a blockade on their block so that Ali won’t be disturbed and tells both Ali and Jason to stay there. Meanwhile, he goes to see Ashley to ask her to break into his wife’s e-mail account. She’s still MIA, and he’s starting to get worried. Ashley is hesitant, but does what he asked, giving Hanna a chance to sneak a peek at Mrs. D’s personal e-mails. Among them, an e-mail sent to an unknown recipient that reads, “I can’t protect you anymore.”

Emily and Spencer decide to keep digging into Jason’s creepy behavior and they go digging through his trash to see what he threw out the night before. They find a pastry bag from a shop in New York, so he could be the one that sent the text to Ali. Suddenly, Emily has a new theory: it was Jason that ‘killed’ Ali, and Mrs. D covered for him.

Mrs. DiLaurentis' Body Is Discovered

Later that night, Hanna goes to the DiLaurentis house to deliver print-outs of Mrs. D’s e-mails and Emily drops by to walk the new dog, Pepe, that Mrs. D purchased before her sudden disappearance. The two leave together and are discussing Hanna’s discoveries about Mrs. D when Jason taps on the window and tells her to stay out of his mother’s business. He then gets in his car and drives off, prompting Emily and Hanna to follow him. They trail him to Philly, where he visits someone in a run-down building. After he leaves, Emily and Hanna try to get in, but are scared away by a crazy, homeless man.

Over at Spencer’s, Toby is back from London and he and Spencer have a romantic reunion, dampened only slightly by Ali’s chaotic return and Toby’s revelation that Melissa lied about seeing him in London. As Toby tells Veronica, when he got to Melissa’s London home, Wren answered the door and told him that Melissa was already gone.

Across town, Aria is being haunted by guilt. She begins to hear violin music in her sleep and then it appears suddenly on her iPod as she’s searching for any reports of Shana’s death on the Internet. Turns out, the music was coming from Mike, who needed it for a school project and used Aria’s iPod.

Mona, meanwhile, is up to no good. Aria comes home to find her brother cuddling up to Mona, who taunts her about Ali’s supposed kidnapping and offers her one of the whistles she ordered for every girl in school. Aria tries to confront Mona about how she drove Ali out of town all those years ago, and makes it clear she doesn’t trust her.

Ali sneaks out of her house to visit her grave. She has to pay her respects, both to the girl she used to be. Mona followed her there, and Ali tries to apologize for who she used to be and admits that she needs Mona’s help as a friend. Mona refuses, she’s not willing to forgive and forget. She tells Ali that she sent that text about New York. “I don’t have to hide. You do. And you’re gonna wish you stayed dead,” Mona says.

Finally, unable to contain herself, Aria calls an emergency meeting. She wants to tell the police what happened with Shana, especially in light of the fact that Mona appears to know exactly what happened. But, before they can even discuss it, Pepe the dog uncovers Mrs. D’s dead body in the DiLaurentis’ backyard.

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.


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