A attacked Ali in her home and the girls receive more information on Bethany Young, the girl in Ali’s grave in Pretty Little Liars’ “Run, Ali, Run.”

'A' Is Back

After Toby’s (Keegan Allen) house blows up due to a “gas leak,” the girls receive a message from A: “Did you miss me, bitches?” Toby, who went off to make sure none of his family members were in their house, is fine and confirms to Spencer (Troian Bellisario) that everyone, meaning Jenna (Tammin Sursok) and his parents, are safe. Why blow up Toby’s house when they were all gathered at Emily’s like sitting ducks? Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) tells Hanna (Ashley Benson) that he doesn’t know. What he does know: “A doesn’t shoot and miss.”

A continues to fire warning shots throughout the episode, and the girls are also being hounded by FBI’s Lt. Tanner (Roma Maffia), who is back in Rosewood to investigate the death of Bethany Young and help New York detectives with their investigation into Shana’s death.

Eddie Lamb Connects Mrs. D To Bethany Young

Tanner shows up unannounced at Ezra’s apartment, interrupting Ezra (Ian Harding) and Aria (Lucy Hale) combing through his book notes for any mention of Bethany Young. He thinks he remembers hearing about her when he was conducting interviews at Radley, which reminds Aria of his betrayal. Aria tells Ezra that spending the night together was a mistake, and runs to hide in the bathroom when Tanner comes in to ask Ezra about Shana. Ezra doesn’t say much, but Tanner hints that she knows Shana is the one who shot Ezra that night in New York and notices Aria’s purse in Ezra’s apartment. Oh, and she found an envelope addressed to Fitz outside his door. Inside is a sketch drawing by Bethany Young. The drawing shows Mrs. D kneeling in her garden next to an open grave and a huge demon.

Luckily, Ezra still has his ‘security cameras’ set up in the hallway outside and a quick play of the video shows that Eddie Lamb (Reggie Austin), the nice nurse from Radley who befriended Spencer during her time there, was the one who dropped off the package. Strange, considering the fact that Spencer had gone to Lamb at Radley and asked if he knew of any connection between Mrs. D and Bethany Young earlier, but Lamb had refused to help.

Spencer ran into her father (Nolan North) and confronted him about her suspicions that he killed Mrs. D to protect her, but he quickly informs her that he would never kill for her, and he wants Spencer and her mother (Lesley Fera) to move back home. He still refuses to tell Spencer where he really was the night Mrs. D was murdered, or why he and Melissa both lied about their whereabouts. She sets up a meeting between her parents, hoping they can work through their problems, but Veronica has had enough of Peter’s lies. She and Spencer are moving back home, but Peter is moving out.

'A' Almost Kills Ali

At school, A sends Ali (Sasha Pieterse) a video of her mother being buried in the backyard, suggesting it was A who killed Mrs. D. “I buried your mom the same way I watched her bury you,” reads A’s message. And if that wasn’t enough to convince the girls A was back, a hooded figure attacks Ali when she’s home alone, gathering her things to leave town again, and nearly strangles her to death. Emily (Shay Mitchell) arrives and fights A, or the attacker, getting knocked down in the process. The attacker gets away, but both Emily and Ali are alive.

The girls, minus Hanna, convene at Emily’s house. Emily didn’t call Hanna because she found out that Hanna was planning on helping Ali leave Rosewood. Emily tells them that she thinks A or Mona and one of her minions attacked Ali. Earlier, she went to Paige and convinced her to tell her who was in Mona’s new army (resulting in Paige finding a dead rat in her locker), so her top suspects are Mona (Janel Parrish), Lucas (Brendan Robinson) or even Melissa (Torrey DeVitto), who isn’t answering Spencer’s calls. A sends Ali one final text, telling her that if she leaves Rosewood, A will kill her. The girls need a plan: with the news that Eddie Lamb might be more willing to help than he let on, Aria decides to volunteer at Radley. After everyone leaves, Ali asks to spend the night at Emily’s, and Emily reluctantly agrees. Emily can’t sleep, and stays up all night as Ali sleeps next to her.

As for Hanna, she is still dealing with her identity crisis. She realized that she was so ready to help Ali leave town because she wants to go back to when she knew who she was. Travis (Luke Kleintank) dumped her because she was so preoccupied with Ali and Caleb, so, after her fight with Emily Hanna goes to visit Caleb, who appeared to be packing up his stuff.

The episode ended with an appearance by the Black Widow (the black veil), addressing a card for flowers to the parents of Bethany Young.

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