Pretty Little Liars’ 100th episode saw the return of Caleb, Jenna and A in “Miss Me x100.”

Pretty Little Liars Recap

Ali (Sasha Pieterse) is ready to return to Rosewood High, but no one is ready to welcome her – even Hanna (Ashley Benson) is scared of becoming one of Ali’s puppets or dolls again. Travis (Luke Kleintank) tells her that she doesn’t have anything to worry about, who cares what everyone else thinks if she knows who she is?

While Hanna and Travis are doing their romantic astronomy homework, Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra (Ian Harding) are having a non-date night. They run into Ali on the sidewalk, talking to an unknown driver in a black SUV. She brushes it off, and says that she was just talking to one of her father’s employees, but they’re suspicious. Across the street, a bus pulls in and drops off one passenger: Jenna (Tammin Sursok).

Over at the Hastings home, Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Toby (Keegan Allen) are discussing Ali. Spencer doesn’t want to tell Ali that she suspects her father may be responsible for Mrs. D’s death because she doesn’t want Ali to use it to her advantage (she did blackmail Mr. Hastings with the knowledge that Jason was his son, after all). “It’s okay to close the door on someone if they’re toxic,” Toby tells Spencer.

Their chat is interrupted when Toby gets a call from Jenna. Shana’s dead, Toby says, and she has come back home from New York to grieve.

Ali Tries To Make Amends At Rosewood High

The next morning, all eyes are on Ali as she marches down the halls of Rosewood High, the Liars in tow. It’s awkward, and one of the first things Ali does is apologize to two nerdy twins she used to pick on. She doesn’t have class yet, and has been instructed to head straight to the guidance councilor’s office. Not long after they have arrived, Spencer is called to the Principal’s office, where her mother is waiting for her.

Veronica Hastings (Lesley Fera), back from her trip to the ‘spa’ tells Spencer that she never checked in. After Peter dropped her off, she worked with a private investigator that found a hole in Peter (Nolan North) and Melissa’s alibi for the night Mrs. D died. Veronica is leaving her husband, and she’s taking Spencer with her. She came to pick her up from school so that they could go home and pack their things while Spencer’s dad is at work. At home, frantically stuffing her favorite clothing in suitcases, Veronica tells Spencer that she and Peter had promised each other that they would never involve Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) and Spencer – in what, she doesn’t say.

At school, Emily (Shay Mitchell) continues to get closer to Sydney (Chloe Bridges) and arranges for Paige (Lindsey Shaw) and Ali to confront each other about their past. Emily doesn’t want Ali to have power over Paige; she just wants them to be able to co-exist in peace – easier said than done. Ali apologizes, but Paige wonders if she’s truly sorry for what she’s done, or if she’s just sorry for what happened to her because of her evil ways. After their little heart to heart, Emily ditches Ali and goes to the Rosewood High Frozen sing-a-long with Sydney and Paige.

Mona And Ali Showdown

All alone, Ali leaves Emily’s house to go home and is followed by someone in a big black car. Afraid, Ali runs inside the creepy church and texts the girls with an SOS. Mona emerges from the shadows, and the two queen bees have it out. Mona (Janel Parrish) tells Ali that she wants her gone, and she doesn’t care how or where, but Ali needs to be anywhere but Rosewood. Ali stands her ground, taking the bait and returning to some of her old ways. She threatens Mona, saying that she can turn her back into “Loser Mona” and take away her “army of nerds” in a second, and that’s why Mona wants her gone. Mona slaps Ali, and Ali slaps her back.

Ezria And Emison

Meanwhile, Aria goes to see Jenna and finds her crying by herself in her room. She leaves before she says anything, but Jenna knows someone was there and figures out that it was Aria. When Jenna confronts her about it, Aria invites her in and the two bond over their grief and loneliness. After her talk with Jenna, Aria realizes that maybe Jenna wasn’t the one manipulating Shana – maybe Shana was manipulating Jenna. Jenna, however, might not be as helpless as Aria believes her to be. Both she and (surprise!) Sydney meet up with Mona to tell her that the Liars don’t trust Ali, and they are certainly not going to defend Ali’s lying ways till the end.

After her talk with Jenna, Aria realizes that maybe Jenna wasn’t the one manipulating Shana – maybe Shana was manipulating Jenna. She goes over to Ezra’s apartment and the two hook up.

Ezria isn’t the only couple sharing a bed that night: Alison, freaked out from her fight with Mona, spends the night at Emily’s and the two share a kiss. Ali meant what she told Emily the night of the fire: she missed Emily the most of all, and what she regrets most is that she let Emily believe that her feelings for her were one-sided.

Of course, before the kissing happened, Ali also lied to Emily and told her that she didn’t do anything to Mona after Mona slapped her. The next morning at Rosewood High, Mona claims that Ali threatened her and attacked her, unprovoked, and she has the video to prove it. Turns out, Mona recorded their entire fight and edited it to paint Ali as the aggressor. All good will Ali had fostered from her apologies is now lost, including Emily’s trust. All the girls are furious that Ali lied to them about slapping Mona, especially Emily. They believe that the video doesn’t tell the whole story, but they can’t just forgive Ali for lying to them like that – Emison is already on the outs.

Haleb Reunion, Dead Girl Revealed

Hanna and Travis might also be facing a rough patch with the return of Caleb (Tyler Blackburn). After reuniting with Hanna at the coffee shop and realizing she’s dating Travis, Caleb disappears and avoids her calls. Stressed, Hanna drinks too much at Lucas’ party and Travis has to carry her home. The next night, Hanna finds Caleb at the swings, but before the two can talk about much of anything, they are called over to Ali’s home where Ezra, Aria, Spencer, Toby, Emily and Ali are waiting for them. The Rosewood Police Department is ready to announce the identity of the girl in Ali’s grave: Bethany Young, a Radley patient who escaped from the mental hospital the night Ali was “allegedly” kidnaped.

A Returns

Before they can really digest the news, or the fact that the police clearly do not believe Ali’s kidnapping story, an explosion blows out the windows. They rush out to the street to find cars overturned, debris coating the streets, and Toby’s house up in flames. He runs inside to try to find Jenna and, while they look on in horror, everyone’s phone goes off – including, it seems, the guys’.

Yes, A is back, but we don’t get to hear what the text message says. Instead, the episode ends with A setting up an evil lair, wearing her/his black hoodie uniform, eating pizza and playing with a blond doll.

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.


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