Since his entry to office, Barack Obama has defended himself with Fox News pundit Bret Baier and chatted with Matt Lauer about the BP oil spill, but all this may be considered prep work for his upcoming interview with the ladies of The View. In an unprecedented move, Obama will be the first sitting president to take a seat on the famous yellow couch and chat with Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd and Elizabeth Hasselbeck about his policies and his home life since his move to the White House.

While the show is usually reserved for celebrities, the show’s living room setting has hosted many politicians, including John McCain, Joe Biden, Ron Paul, and Obama during his presidential campaign. Condoleeza Rice and Jimmy Carter are set to appear next season.

But since these politicians are used to more straight-laced interviews with news anchors, the set’s casual atmosphere may cause guests to feel relaxed and therefore caught off guard when one of the ladies asks a tough question. Behar is particularly good at unexpected interrogation – she famously accused John McCain of lying in his campaign ads and told Ron Paul he wasn’t going to win the presidential election in 2008.

Though Obama may feel safe with the generally liberal ladies, he might have to watch his back when it comes to the famously conservative Hasselbeck, who has openly spoken out about her beliefs against abortion, and for the war in Iraq. The interview is set to tape Wednesday and will air on Thursday July 29. –ELENA COX


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    He is brave! I feel like those woman could tear him apart if he is not careful!

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