The Post Malone x Crocs Duet Max Clog II launched this week, marking the fifth collaboration between the rapper and shoe company. According to Malone, the latest clogs are holding up to the record sales of its predecessors.

Crocs announced their latest release of pink-and-black colored Post Malone-branded footwear on a December 8 tweet that read, “The fifth #pmxcrocs collab is available today at 12:00 pm ET and we’re giving you options. 2 colorways and 2 Jibbitz packs. Take your pick.”


Fans can customize the shoes with “Jibbitz,” the pins added to the clogs’ iconic holes. The latest ones are PostyCo Pink 3 Pack and PostyCo Black 3 Pack that feature grapes, rubber ducks, hearts and Post Malone’s own tattoos.

Sales figures were as remarkable as expected on launch day, mirroring the last four collaborations’ success. Post Malone tweeted just a few hours after release: “only a few left,” with Crocs tweeting two hours later that the clogs and related accessories were sold out in the U.S. but that there would be future European and Asian launches.

Post Malone and Crocs surprised 5,000 fans in Los Angeles, Toronto, Tokyo, London, Berlin, Paris, Chicago, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Austin and Sydney and Crocs with free pairs of clogs.

Before the last pairs sold out, the shoes were marked at $59.99, while the Jibbitz accessories were available at $11.99. These prices are expected to skyrocket upon resale, as in the case of previous shoe collaborations sold for over $2,000 on Ebay.

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