The Orange County, Florida Sheriff’s Office released more videos related to the investigation of Bob Saget’s sudden death in January of this year.

The bodycam footage shows little of note, besides the fact that officers made a minor error and knocked on the wrong door initially. Photos and videos of the room Saget died in, which were taken after his body and belongings were removed, showed an ordinary hotel room with no signs of blood or foul play.

A toxicology report also reportedly determined that the comedian did not test positive for any excessive drugs or alcohol the night of his death. Saget’s valet at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel he was staying at also told investigators he was not displaying any slurred speech or other signs of intoxication.

It’s assumed right now that Saget died from an injury after a backward fall, and was likely struck the back of his head by “something hard, covered in something soft,” according to the autopsy report released in full last week.

Police took more photos and videos that included Saget’s body and personal effects, but on March 14, Circuit Judge Vincent Chiu ordered all footage and photos depicting him and his belongings directly permanently confidential. Saget’s family, including widow Kelly Rizzo, even sued the Orange County Sheriff’s office in an attempt to block his death records from being released.

“This court finds that as a matter of law that there exists a lesser public interest in the disclosure of the Protected Records than the privacy and statutory rights of [Saget’s family].” Judge Chiu stated in the Zoom hearing where he locked 90 photographs and most of the cop’s bodycam footage from release.

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