Plex is an established streaming program, and its namesake company announced on January 24 that it is offering support for Google’s Daydream platform via its new service, Plex VR.


A community project called Plevr, published by Fervr Labs, launched last March as a proof of concept for how VR technology can be integrated with and improve Plex’s service. Support for Plevr has been discontinued, although it is still purchasable on Steam. However, the man who helmed it, Alex Keybl, has been brought onboard to help develop Plex VR.

Plex VR gives users thew ability to access their Plex Media Server videos with up to three friends. Voice chat is enabled, meaning you and your social circle can share witty banter amongst each other. You can enjoy your video collection in one of two backgrounds: an apartment and a drive-in movie theater. Your friends’ avatars will animate in real time, too, and both backdrops house interactive props to play with. You can hoist the cups that adorn the apartment’s table, for example, and you can even honk your car’s horn if you’re at the drive-in. Moreover, you can stream videos, including videos that are 3D and 360/180, to your Android device.

Utilizing Plex VR will require downloading the Plex VR app from the Google Play Store. Also, a Plex Pass subscription is required to watch videos with your pals and to be allowed into the drive-in.

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